Challenge 5

Circular economy

Circular economy is the foundation for new business opportunities, as we see it. The industry must look beyond the current "take, make and dispose” extractive industrial model and it is clear that tomorrows´ industry will be different, in terms of production as well as in its interactions with other industries and society. We already see new ways of producing, buying, and using materials and products in other industries. The opportunities lies in creating and reinventing the small circles that add values all along the life cycle of the product, while minimizing negative impacts. Materials and products can be made more efficiently, the quality of the final product can be better, and the recycling of wastes into new products can be increased. To find new values and change the industry, we believe that the circular business models of tomorrow needs to be based on system-wide innovation and cooperation.

We are seeking proposals, approaches and solutions to create more value and businesses along the value chain of our products. What are the business models that support changes in product cycles leading to more used material find its way into the biological or technological cycles? What services contribute to longer lasting products? How can the value of by-products increase and give birth to new opportunities, and to new stakeholders? What are the win-win concepts that change the way we handle materials and that increases the value of recycling?

  • Improve the consumption of natural resources.
  • Extend life of natural resources.
  • Implement a waste management system.
  • Provide solutions to turn by-products into raw materials for different industries/businesses.
  • Define a standardized "design-for-disassembly" construction system that enables easy deconstruction, optimized storage and modular re-use in construction for structural steel.