Pilot your project

Run your pilot at one of the companies in Celsa Group and get your pilot tested in a real industrial environment. We are a vertically integrated steel group and therefore have operations including scrap management, meltshops, rolling mills, wire drawing, cut and bend, etc. This will be done together with an internal team who will make sure your pilot can be executed in the expected timeframe.


get Mentoring from top executives

You will be assigned a person within our top management team which will be accessible for remote or one-to-one meeting. They are very experience managers who can provide you very relevant advise about your business project.


leverage our Network of contacts

Let us know which are your plans and we can help you through our network of contacts. We can help you enter new markets as we are present in different countries across Europe. 


establish a Strategic relationship

After the pilot has been executed, we will be able to evaluate together how does our relationship continue in the future. This will of course depend on how the pilot experience went for you and for us, and which option make us both feel comfortable. 


accelerate your business

Let us help you accelerate your startup by providing you different workshops along the program. You will learn some basic theories and methodologies such as Jobs To Be Done, Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas, Customer Journeys, etc. These should help you tailor your proposal to what your customers really need and ensure that your business can be sustainable in the future.